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For the first time custom build client to the experienced one, we always are honest and upfront with our opinion and advice during the build process. 


There is no penality for orginiality

No two homes are exactly alike. Some variaions on an existing plan; others are creations. 

You don't have to pay an enormous premium for having your own custom design.


Think About Light

Northern light is indirect and diffused, but north-facing windows are energy losers in the winter time. 

Southern light is best for passive solar gain, but plan for protection when it comes on strong. 

Eastern light is soft and pleasing - perfect for morning breakfasts.

Western Light brings the sunset with it, but needs to be controlled in the summer.

The most pleasing room lighting comes from windows. Decide where you want light and views or where ventilation is needed. Consider windows to compliment your architecture. 


"R" Value

The insulation ability of a home's components - whether it be the ceiling, walls, floors or doors - is measured in terms of R rating value. 

The R value indicates a material's ability to resist the passage of heat. The higher the R value, the better the material resists its natural inclinaton to let heat escape form the house.


Square Foot Cost?

Cost per square foot - it is what's inside that counts. Almost every client asks what the building cost per square foot would be. Our common answer would be, "well how much is a car?"

The concept of a square footage price is acutally misleading. The real costs reflects the materials used, finishings, and the design. It is what goes into the house that determines the cost and this is different for every client and their wishes. 


Kitchen Tips

  • Be sure you can reach the sink easily when the dishwasher os open. 

  • The sink should have the most counter and storage space on both sides. 

  • The refrigerator door should hinge away from the sink and cooktop. 

  • Locate food storage near the refrigerator. 

  • Store pots, pans, utensils, and spices near the stove.

  • You'll need at least 8 to 10 feet of counter space, excluding appliances. 

  • Space between counters should be at least 36 to 48 inches - 60 inches if cooking is often a two person operation.

  • Since the oven is used less than the cooktop, it can be located outside the triangle. 

  • Functional storage is essential to a convienient, efficient kitchen. Plan for lots of it - then double your estimate. You'll find you can never have too much. It is also one of the most important selling features in your home on re sale. 


Ask Questions

Planning your home can be easier than you may think. It can be one of the most satisfying experiences in your life.  We want to share our experience and our expertise with you. We'll cover every part of your home, from basic design principles to planning each room in the house. Ensure to ask questions along the way! We ask, update, clarify all scenerios with each client so they do not miss something that they may never thought about before. The last thing we want is for a client to have a finished home and say "should have" or "could have".

IMG-5751 (1).jpg

Wouldn't it be nice if ...?

Don't try to "edit" your dreams at the early stage. You'll be surprised just how many of them can come true as you plan your home. Start with a small wish list which will generate into your requirments for your custom home. 

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