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Building and Developing a Better Life For You

The Szasz Approach

Steve Szasz has been making dreams come true since 1983. He is Brant County's foremost builder and renovator of custom homes. Perhaps the greatest testament is when people say, "You can tell it's a Szasz home." Of all the investments you'll ever make, building your own home is surely the most significant. We are with you every step of the building process. From 1000's of blueprints to offer or meeting to discuss the creation of your dream home, we provide a complete custom home experience from start to finish. 


"I am satisfied that I received my money's worth. Everyone who has entered my home says it is gorgeous. You care about what you build."

Cam G.

... Quality and Integrity... Conscientious adherence to detail... easy to work with.. reduces the stress of building a house from scratch.""

Richard and Jane J.

"You did exactly what you said you were going to do ... and I didn't have to worry."

Crawford R.

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